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Prayer to Beloved Pope John Paul II

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Pope John Paul II

Our mother wanted to share this prayer to our beloved Pope John Paul II, which came to her one Sunday afternoon. While she was attending to her usual weekend chores, our mother felt a presence. The presence enveloped overwhelmed her and she started to sob. Somehow, she remembered Pope John Paul II and felt that he was with her. She took a pen and a paper and started to write a prayer to John Paul II. The prayer simply flowed.
It seemed like an invisible hand was guiding her. When she finished the prayer, she made her own petition, asking Pope John Paul II to intercede for her and help her with a very tough business case.

The day after, to her delight, the problem received a positive resolution. She knew her prayer was answered! Our mother considered it a miracle and Pope John Paul II helped her!

Through this prayer, she started to ask Pope John Paul II for help on behalf of relatives and close friends who are ill and those who are experiencing major problems.
And each time, she receives positive signs.

Here's another case: A week ago, an aunt of ours suffered from internal bleeding and was rushed to the hospital. She fell gravely ill. My mom started praying the novena and just the other day, the doctors reported that the internal bleeding has stopped. We know that Pope John Paul II has interceeded for her.

At this point, we would like to share this special prayer with you. We believe that you too will experience miracles, through the loving power and intercession of Pope John Paul II.

We hope that the miracles we all receive through the intercession of
our beloved Pope John Paul II would help promote the cause for his sainthood.

Please share your stories with us.

Here's the prayer..

Prayer to Our Beloved John Paul II

Intro: Recite 1 I believe, 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys and 1 Glory Be

O beloved John Paul II, we praise thee and honor thee,
and we give thanks for all your love, concern and intercession for us.

You have instilled in us the essence of true love,
unity, peace and forgiveness.

You have lived as an example of a true Christian.

You have shown us how much you cared for children, for the aged,
and all the people of the world regardless of religious affiliations
as we are all God's creation.

We implore thee O beloved John Paul II to please interecede for us
to our Blessed Mother to obtain for us deliverance from sickness,
dangers, evil spirits, sudden and unprovided death
and the havoc brought about by calamities and war.

Beloved John Paul II, please pray for the dying,
those who are in pain, those who are suffering
from incurable diseases (mention name, if any)
that through your incessant intercessions, they may get well.

Please beloved John Paul II pray for the souls
of innocent babies who are victims of abortions,
solidiers who die in the battlefields and
all the victims of various crimes, that they may all rest in peace.

Grant us O beloved John Paul II that through your prayers,
we may be enlightened to have peace in our minds,
in our hearts, in our families, in our country, and the world.

These we ask for the greater glory of God the Father, Son Jesus Christ
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Beloved John Paul II, please pray to her, our Blessed Mother, for all of us
and obtain my request (state your intentions here). 3x

We received the picture above from a friend. It was taken in the early 90s. Pope John Paul II was deep in prayers. According to our friend, when the photographer developed the picture, the image of Mother Mary embracing the Pope appeared. This picture is dubbed as the "Modern Pieta."

We hope that you can share the above prayer to your family and friends. Please contact us through the comment box below, if you have stories about how Pope John Paul II and this prayer has touched your life.

Lito and Ann


Blogger Lito & Ann said...

Hi - Here's an update about our Aunt who suffered from internal bleeding (as we've posted above). The other day her internal bleeding has stopped and today, December 29, she was already released from the hospital! We thank God for His help, and we thank our Beloved Pope John Paul II for his intercession. We continue to pray for our Aunt's full recovery.

We hope that you too will experience the power of John Paul II's intercession through this novena prayer.

Happy New Year!


9:41 PM  
Blogger Lito & Ann said...

Hi - As promised, we'll be posting stories of those who have benefited from the intercession of Pope John Paul II.

Here's another one: Last December 24, a friend of our mom suffered from a heart attack and taken to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Manila. My mom started praying the novena to Pope John Paul II, and according to my mom, as of today, January 3 (Manila time), the lady is scheduled to be released from the hospital. We can't thank Pope John Paul II enough for all his intercession, and God for his blessings.

Please continue to pray the novena. Pass it on to your family, relatives and friends and do share your stories with us.

Wishing you the very best this New Year!


10:00 PM  

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