Saturday, June 25, 2005

Prayer to St. Anne - Mother of Mary and the Grandmother of Jesus

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St. Anne, Bless My Family

Picture of Anne, Joachim, and Mary

My family is the heart of my life.
It is my little Church.
Saint Anne, guard the members of my family
against all physical and spiritual danger.

You lived in the presence of your husband, St. Joachim
and your little daughter, Mary.
Later, you welcomed your son-in-law, Saint Joseph,
and above all your beloved Grandson Jesus, our Savior.

May your family inspire our families.
May we remain united in a deep mutual love.
If my family is broken by separation or divorce,
remain for us the Saint of tenderness
and lead us to God.

Saint Anne, you were a spouse, a mother,
and a grandmother; bless all the members
of my family. Keep us faithful to the Lord.

May we remain attentive to the needs of
other families. Protect all families.

May you all enjoy this summer with your family. Keep safe.
May God bless you and your entire family always.

Lito & Ann


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