Friday, June 10, 2005

Prayer of Thanksgiving

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Dear God,
We thank You for all the blessings You shower upon us.

We thank You for Your Love…
Your love that we feel...
every single minute of the day...

...through the beauty of nature that surrounds us,
...the birds who sing and wake us up each morning,
...and the music that soothes our souls

...through the sun that shines upon us each day
...and the moon that lights up our way

...through our church community that prays with us
...and our friends – near or far - who always there for us

...through the warmth, support and loving care of our families
...and the smiles and laughter of our children...

They all reveal to us the joy and beauty of life,
Constantly reminding us of
Your great, deep and unconditional love.

Today, we give special thanks to You,
O God, our Father – The Giver of Life.
We thank you for blessing our son,
who today turns one.
He’s been truly a source of inspiration,
joy and happiness.
We thank you for entrusting him to us.
May you grant him a beautiful and fruitful life.

We thank you for blessing us with
beautiful and happy children,
who never cease to amaze us.
Watch over them and protect them, O dear God.
Guide them with Your grace and always keep them safe.

O God, grant us strength and wisdom,
That we may know and follow Your Holy Will
That we may raise our children as good Christians
…faithful in following Your footsteps.

This we pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


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